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10 Pushkin str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

  • Quotes

    A small, & upmarket restaurant in a homey atmosphere where you'll get personal attention, a lengthy wine list and some interesting local specialities. Try the mountain lamb stew or chicken in wine and walnut sauce, made with the freshest produce available.

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  • Quotes

    ...for dinner, Dolmama's, at 10 Pushkin Ave., is well known for traditional lamb dishes...

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  • Quotes

    After having spent a week in Georgia and Armenia, we stumbled upon Dolmama's and it was fantastic. While we ate very well pretty much everywhere -- from hotel restaurants to roadside shacks -- this was probably the best meal of the trip. Among other things, our waitress spoke perfect English (as well as 4 other languages) and made great recommendations...

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  • Quotes

    Dolmama is without a question one of the best restaurants not only in Armenia but in the world.

    What makes this little corner so special is the implausible perfection and the style of the owner.

    If you want to show a foreigner what the Armenian kitchen and hospitality is all about, then Dolmama is your place.

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  • Quotes

    Dolmama is a spot to go when you're already starting to feel a bit tired of the typical Armenian fare that mostly consists of all sorts of grilled food. Undeniably, this is the best Yerevan restaurant offering modern Armenian cuisine. Its owner is an art collector, an American Armenian, who has returned to Yerevan. Probably you will meet him there, chatting with guests. Read more in News and media »
  • Quotes

    I don't usually spend my drams on food in Yerevan, but I have had my eye for quite a bit of time on the restaurant located on Pushkin Street, Dolmama. With the family in town I took full advantage to shop the idea of enjoying a quality meal there.

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  • Quotes

    Dolmama is an interesting restaurant that serves traditional, ancient Armenian food.

    It is very popular with Westerners, so we decided to experience it ourselves. Dolmama's advertisement is "Dolmama the Armenia's Restaurant".

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  • Quotes

    Good food is important part of Armenian life. In every household the tradition of entertaining guests graciously is an integral part of hospitality. At Dolmama the Armenian traditional food is prepared with freshest seasonal produce. The foods are extremely delicious, innovative and elegantly presented. Read more in News and media »
  • New “Traditional” Recipes

    Dolma, is the main meal of our menu and the name of the restaurant comes from it. Dolma is ground meat, beef, lamb or whatever you like, mixed with rice and herbs of your choice and wrapped in grape leaves. You may cook it in vegetable oil or butter, serve it cold or hot. We have done some changes in the way it is prepared. We replaced the ground meat with...

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  • New “Traditional” Recipes

    Khashlama, another favorite meal among Armenians, verbally meaning stewed meat. It is meat cooked in water. In “Dolmama” we replaced water with concoction of sweet, vermouthy wine and cream fresh. We made it more spicy and voilà, it is a lamb stewed in Dolmama style. Forgive me for brief description of the way we cook these dishes but it’s better to taste it once then to read about it many times.

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  • New “Traditional” Recipes

    Sweet food given to us by an old recipe of Easter Pilaff includes rice with sweet raisins, dried fruit and nuts. The recipe prompted us that we could mix fresh peaches with green beans or make Khorovats (BBQ) with mulberry sauce. Making our menu has turned into a creative process. First it was going on in my head then the ideas were carried out through trials until achieving the goal.

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